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Near-Mage story adventure coming to Kickstarter

near-mage story adventure games is coming to kickstarter for windows pc we have a linux update

Near-Mage story adventure games coming to Kickstarter for Windows PC, but we have a Linux update. Thanks to developer Stuck In Attic. Who is getting ready to kick off their crowdfunding campaign.

Following their successful debut called Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure (over 50,000 units sold on Steam). While offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Now the Transylvanian studio Stuck In Attic is proud to reveal their new game, Near-Mage. A hand painted and traditionally animated story adventure game.
Of course, since the previous title has Linux support, I reached out Stuck In Attic. Here’s what they had to say about a port.

…but Linux is one of the very first stretch goals. We’re developing in Unity, our programmer’s looking into it.

These details are still new and obviously not listed on the Kickstarter page or on Steam. However, the use of Unity 3D should not be a surprise. But I was hoping to see Linux in the main platform list, rather than a stretch goal. But since the campaign is not live yet, this decision may change.
In the mean time, the reveal trailer certainly captures the attention. You can get a feel of the game’s blend of cartoons and Eastern European Goth.

Near-Mage: Reveal Trailer

Near-Mage tells the story of Illy. She is a teenager whose mysterious great aunt invites her to stay in Transylvania for the summer. Only to find out that they also come from a long line of witches. Likewise, Illy can enroll to study spell crafting in the Transylvanian Institute for Magick.

“We grew up and still live in Transylvania, Romania. And Near-Mage is a perfect creative opportunity to make a game that reflects that. Aside from our usual obsession for production values. We dove into researching local myths and folklore. I guess you can say it will be one of the very few authentic Transylvanian experiences in video games. And we couldn’t be more excited. Vampyres, strigoi, moroi, pricolitch – could you ask for more fascinating classmates?” said Liviu Boar, Creative Director at Stuck In Attic.


    • Study spell crafting in the Transylvanian Institute for Magick as a Near-Mage;
    • Experience a deep and engaging story. Due to play like an adventure game;
    • Craft your own spell inventory. Then use it with different results in every play through;
    • Dozens of vampyres, pricolitch, moroi, strigoi, ghouls, shtima. Since your spells can change their lives for better or worse;
    • Hand painted in glorious 4K and traditionally animated frame by frame;
    • Dozens of itemized outfits and hairstyles. All so you can customize your main character;
  • A game about Transylvania made by Transylvanians!

Near-Mage can now be Wishlisted on Steam.

Stuck In Attic have also launched a coming soon page for Near-Mage’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Hopefully, we will see a further update for Linux along with Windows PC soon.

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