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Necroids Species Pack coming soon to Stellaris

necroids species pack coming soon to stellaris and keep gaming on linux mac windows pc

Necroids Species Pack coming soon to Stellaris gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Paradox Development Studio. Due to arrive on Steam and GOG, which you can Wishlist. But the base game and DLC’s all have a big discount right now.

Species Pack is coming soon. With it comes an intelligent undead species living death to the fullest. Since they will allow players to form empires that thrive where others might perish. And perish that others might thrive.

While you might thrive on the dark side of the moon with Necroids Species Pack. The next species pack comes with further news. Since the grand strategy sci-fi game Stellaris expansions all have a heavy discount right now. So if there is any content pack or DLC you may be missing. This is certainly the better time to pick up with. With discounts ranging from 50% to 75%.

Be afraid… be very afraid with the Necroids Species Pack announcement trailer below:

Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack | Announcement Trailer

With the Necroids Species Pack, Stellaris gamers will learn that death is not the end. And as a result, may be the beginning of their intergalactic journey as new changes reincarnate playthroughs of Stellaris. Long time players will also appreciate this new content. As well as bringing new undeath to established playtypes. To live amongst the Necroids, embracing death is not only encouraged, it’s required.

Likewise, besides the Necroids Species Pack announcement. Stellaris is now heavily discounted on the Steam and GOG. As part of their Strategy Weekend, including the best discounts for the selection of DLC’s. As stated above, this ranges from 50% up to 75% off depending what pack you select via Steam and GOG. The Stellaris Strategy Weekend Pack (with an additional 15% off for Strategy Weekend bundle DLCs!) too. So you can continue gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which also comes with a heavy 91% Very Positive rating on Steam.

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