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Necromancer crowdfunding campaign uncertain after 15 months


Back in April of 2014, Other Worlds Software successfully funded their #zombie #strategy title Necromancer for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Crowdfunding a total of £8,016, which is just over $12,000 USD, including a combined £1,000 from Russell Jarvis’ and Carl Benjamin’s parents. When the Kickstarter was fully funded, Other Worlds Software outlined that Necromancer would be released in about a month, or roughly May 2014.

A video posted on YouTube back in March 2014, where the developers clarified the “May 2014” date was outlined for backers at the £40 pledge level. While everyone pledging below the level will be receiving the game somewhere in the “Summer of 2014.” The Kickstarter project page still shows a May 2014 release date. And of course nearly 15 months later, there still is no game released.

If Necromancer‘s has been delayed due to the developers having underestimated the time and effort such a project would take. Kickstarter itself outlines practices for a struggling project in section “4. How Projects Work” of its terms of use.

At this point, it is not known if the backer rewards have been delivered, when the full game will be released, or when the beta would be available to backers. And while backers wait patiently for new information, director Carl Benjamin continues to spend time developing the game, fulfilling obligations to Patreon and YouTube supporters. As well as working to creating audio books of classic literature.

For more information and details, check out out the full news post for Necromancer on GamePolitics.


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