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Necronator: Dead Wrong a micro RTS incoming?

necronator: dead wrong a micro rts incoming to linux and windows pc

Necronator: Dead Wrong is comedy micro RTS with a full release for Windows PC, but also holds hope for Linux. Thanks to developer Toge Productions and progressive indie publisher Modern Wolf. Available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Necronator: Dead Wrong is here in TERRIFYING glory. Previously released into Early Access in February 2020. The game is now out in full, allowing players to achieve world domination. While playing with a whole new array of features and bags of added content. Developed by Toge Productions, the creators of the Infectonator series and Coffee Talk. Most of the games are developed for Mac and Windows PC.
The dev’s are still adding a heap of content, even after Early Access. But what about Linux support?

It’s a Unity game.
Once we’ve delivered everything. We’ll start looking at ports: consoles, mobile, and we will certainly consider Linux as well. But we’re not quite at the porting stage yet.

While it’s clear Toge Productions are keeping development focused to one platform. Necronator: Dead Wrong is getting a bunch more content for the game. Since the reviews are Mostly Positive. Reflecting on much needed balance changes, limited card choices, and AI scaling. To the point that some consider the game still to be in Early Access.
Having been in email content since November 2019. The dev’s certainly have their hands full. With a reply outline they are “adding features and content to the Windows version. And there’s still more content to come. At least before considering further platform support.” Which was expected after the full release. But is on hold until further notice.

Necronator: Dead Wrong Launch Gameplay Trailer

Necronator: Dead Wrong is hailed as a comedy micro RTS game with a deck-building twist. While allowing players to collect and deploy undead units and build an army. So they can conquer the insufferable goody-two shoes of the Livmor Alliance. Then restore the Necronator to his former glory. The game’s unique art style and a series of different singleplayer story campaigns. Which make for a quirky RTS game that oozes originality.

What’s changed since Early Access?

  • Two new sectors: Al’Noobi (desert and cave maps). And The Forest of Strongwood (forest maps)
  • The second commander: Mirabella the Doll.
  • As you build your terrifying army. A third Commander will become available for all players post launch.
  • Three enemy commanders: Lord Balderdash, Sultana Al’Noobi and Flosshilde the Huntress
  • Completion of the Chubat’s Eternal Conquest (full story mode)
  • 185 new battle maps for Necronator: Dead Wrong
  • 87 new cards
  • 34 new relics
  • 33 new enemy relics
  • 27 new enemy units
  • Modding Workshop: create your own campaign and much more!
  • Language support for Russian, French, German, Indonesian, Brazilian PT, Korean, Spanish
  • Razer Chroma Support
  • Chubat’s eternal blessings


  • Over 20 undead units: Each with upgradeable powers and synergies with other units. Refine and swap out units. All in a deck building style meta game within Necronator: Dead Wrong.
  • Selection of unique commanders: Each with powerful spells and unique unit. Every commander has their own reasons for seeking the Necronator. And their stories unfold in different singleplayer story campaigns. Co-written by former Fallen London story designer Chandler Groover.
  • Battle to the death: Invade the realms of Livmore. While you defeat the forces of good arrayed to defend them. Send your Skeleton Archers, Demon Fiends, and Gorkling Bombers in. So you can crush with Livmore’s Clerics, Steel Golems, and fluffy rams?!
  • A treasury of terrifying totems: Discover unique game changing relics. They twist your commander’s powers in shocking and erratic ways.

Necronator: Dead Wrong comedy micro RTS is available on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $19.9 USD / £14.99. UK / €16.99 EU / $29.99 AUD. Releasing on Windows PC, with Linux support still in the wings. Stay tuned for more details as development continues.

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