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Necropolis roguelike release date announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Harebrained Schemes’ award-winning procedural death labyrinth Necropolis has set a release date… and you can bring your friends. Today, the company announced that they have added up-to-4 player cooperative multiplayer to their highly anticipated Linux, Mac and Windows PC game, set to release on Steam March 17th. Pre-orders open February 2nd.

Necropolis is a third-person dungeon delve filled with intense action, off-kilter humor, and diabolical traps. The 3D action-meets-roguelike is filled with an ever-changing assortment of bizarre rooms, cool weapons, tasty treasure, and nasty monsters that’ll in all likelihood kill you deader than Dumbledore, only for you start all over again to see how much further you can get.

“We can’t wait to unleash Necropolis onto Steam players. Everyone thought the game was a blast when we played it singleplayer, but we were blown away by how fun it is to attack the Necropolis with our friends.” said Harebrained Schemes Studio Manager, Mitch Gitelman.

New Facts:

  • This highly anticipated PC game has added a 4-player co-op multiplayer to the roguelike experience.
  • In Necropolis, you play as a nameless adventurer attempting to escape the deadly, many-tiered dungeon/museum of the Archmage Abraxis, fighting (and occasionally running from) the array of monsters Abraxis has collected over his vast lifetime. Find the exit, or die trying.
  • Necropolis’ stylized, low-poly art paints a dark world with a sardonic slant. Remember – death isn’t the end. It’s a gateway to the beginning. Or something.
  • Strategy is necessary for survival. Once false move, and you are out of the dungeon and back at the top.
  • The complete Necropolis Story can found here.

Necropolis’ Game Features:

  • AN ADDICTIVE THIRD-PERSON COMBAT SYSTEM. At its core, Necropolis is an action game. Unlike other popular Roguelikes, Necropolis features a combat system based on timing and animation. It’s fast and deadly – learn to anticipate enemy attack patterns, time your actions for maximum effect, and use smart combinations of heavy and light attacks to defeat your enemies. You can’t just button-mash and win.
  • DEATH (WITH FRIENDS!) Explore the Necropolis with up to 3 friends in co-op mode, and cover their backs as the dungeon tries to eat them (and anything else it can get its maw on) alive.
  • AN EVER-CHANGING DUNGEON. The pyramid shifts and changes every time your adventurer enters, so every playthrough offers new threats, room layouts, magic items and more.
  • UPGRADE OR DIE. Collect Components to create magic Elixirs. Locate Items of Power to unlock new magic abilities. Locate mystical Codexes to upgrade your adventurer with runes, wards and spells. The Necropolis is a living labyrinth filled with mystery, wonder and twenty centuries of magic.
  • ECOLOGY OF THREATS. There is ecology at work where monsters exhibit both predator and prey behavior. Learn to exploit a monster’s favorite food, or at least a favorite predator. The deeper the Tier, the more dangerous and powerful the monsters become.

Mitch Gitelman, Harebrained Schemes Studio Manager, put it this way, “If you think hanging out with your friends and whacking on monsters sounds like fun, then this is the game for you.”


Necropolis web site, Tumblr@Necropolis_Game and Facebook


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