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Neko Ghost, Jump! platformer gets a major update

neko ghost, jump! 2d 3d platformer game gets a major update on linux and windows pc

Neko Ghost, Jump! 2D/3D platformer game gets a major update on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Burgos Games. Currently available via Steam Early Access with 95% Positive reviews.

His wedding was meant to be Nekoman’s happiest day. Doing so until some Space Dog Pirates kidnaped Nekoman’s bride and forced him on a quest to save her, his friends, and his family. Burgos Games announced that its 2D/3D action platformer Neko Ghost, Jump! is receiving its first major update. Which is now available via Steam Early Access right now.

To begin with, this update implements a brand new game mode, Ironcat. This is where players only get 9 lives to finish Neko Ghost, Jump!. Also, if they run out of lives, their save file is deleted! Likewise the update brings enhanced game controls, a cleaner, and easier to understand user interface. While even offering new combat mechanics to make the game deeper and more engaging. Along with new combat moves (Ground Pound, 360º Attack and Rolling). Finally, this major update also offers new wardrobe sets and animations for the main character. As well as several bug fixes and smaller quality of life additions.

Neko Ghost, Jump! Early Access Trailer

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a fast-paced 2D/3D platformer. A game where players will have to use Neko’s abilities to overcome 40 levels in 8 biomes. While switching between views to navigate through each level and transform into ghost form to take out enemies. As well as revealing hidden loot and jump into inaccessible platforms. Customize your character thanks to hundreds of options. such as accessories or fur colors and try to beat Neko Ghost, Jump! as fast as possible.

First Major Update – New Features:

  • New combat improvements.
  • New UI.
  • Improved character controls and additional options for players to tweak those controls to their liking.
  • New wardrobe sets, including The Cupid!
  • Bug fixing.

Neko Ghost, Jump! 2D/3D platformer regular price is $14.99 USD / £11.39 / 12,49€ on Steam. But currently offers a 10% discount due to celebrate this major update. While continuing support for Linux and Windows PC.

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