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Neko Ghost, Jump trailer shows off view switching

neko ghost, jump trailer shows view switching for linux windows pc

Neko Ghost, Jump has a new trailer showing the view switching for Linux and Windows PC. Thank to Solo developer Burgos Games. Who are preparing for the upcoming Steam release.

Neko Ghost, Jump now has the first full length gameplay trailer. This showcases a unique perspective switching mechanic. Which certainly defines this feline based puzzle platformer from the litter. Due to arrive later this year on Linux, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. PAX East and DreamHack Anaheim attendees will be able to play an extensive demo. Maybe even sample several stages from the beta build. There is a native Demo live on Steam right now.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a pawsome puzzle platformer. One that also tasks you with switching between 2D and 3D planes. So you can guide Nekoman on an epic quest. And rescue his kidnapped friends and family from Space Pirate Dog Boss and his minions. This odyssey will take Nekoman across several biomes. Ranging from grassy plains to rather snowy tundras. All the way up to sweltering deserts and beyond. Along the way you’ll have to not only switch between Neko Ghost, Jump‘s 2D and 3D planes. But also to your spirit form to take out any baddies along the way. While you pounce across a series of entertaining yet challenging cathletic obstacles!

Neko Ghost, Jump! Official Announcement Trailer

Neko Ghost, Jump! will run the gamut from an accessible family friendly affair. Also a more favorable challenge for more masochistic players. Since each stage will rank you on speed. While collecting coins will claw some time off your counter. Blast through each level to ascend the leaderboards. And maybe prove your worth in Neko Ghost, Jump! as the fastest feline on the prowl!
Similarly, shedding seconds off the clock isn’t all coins are good for. As you can also use them to customize your Nekoman’s appearance. Give him sweet specs, maybe a dapper hat. Or just some rather shiny bling. It’s up to you hepcats!

“I wanted to make something with a unique enough hook that would appeal to many people,” said Burgos Games founder Victor Burgos. “Plus cats are cute. Can’t go wrong with that, right?”

More information on Neko Ghost, Jump!, check out the Steam page. The games coming to Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist as well.

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