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Nelson and the Magic Cauldron adventure debut

nelson and the magic cauldron adventure debut on linux mac windows

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron is a classic adventure will debut this week on Linux, mac and Windows via Steam. Since the Kickstarter campagne, German Indie Developer Manuel Schenk Games are ready to release November 22nd.

Many companies need a lot of employees for this. But the german indiependant developer Manuel Schenk has his own creation Nelson and the Magic Cauldron. Along with his full-time job. The fantasy adventure game will be launching on Linux, Mac, Windows and Android.

The production for Nelson and the Magic Cauldron started two years ago. With a little help by a Kickstarter campaign. So Manuel Schenk began development on the game, painting and animating all game elements by hand.

At the age of five years he always had plans to change the games he played. While at 12 years old he created his first game.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron Trailer, Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)

“This time, I wanted to create a Sci-Fi-Adventure”, says Schenk. “But my graphic style fits much more to fantasy. And bevor I realized it, the game was ready for playing.”

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron takes place in a fantasy setting. Where a young man called Nelson inherits a cabin from his deceased uncle Sid. Also not knowing that the uncle has a magic cauldron. So Nelson travels to the island where his uncle lived. What can not imagine, this legacy will not mean wealth but responsibility.

There are a lot of crazy characters, including dead uncle Sid, who appears as a ghost. Also the stone cold undertaker, the confused baron, a soup-cooking witch and the vegan zombies. It is a game of magic and a lot of humor with many hidden jokes about other games and movies. You know, a true homage, of course.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron is a classic 2D Point and Click adventure that will debut on Steam. Coming out on Linux, Mac and Windows on November 22nd.

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