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Nemesis a new expansion announced for Stellaris

nemesis a new expansion announced for stellaris in linux gaming mac windows pc

Nemesis a new expansion announced for Stellaris grand strategy in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Paradox Development Studio. Coming soon to Steam, GOG and via Paradox Plaza.

Paradox Interactive a publisher and developer of games that give you the choice between chaos and order. Are now announcing Nemesis, the newest expansion for its grand strategy sci-fi game, Stellaris. This full featured addition will also grant fans the most powerful tools and mechanics ever introduced to Stellaris. So expect lively playthroughs for both new galactic travelers and long time strategy gamers.

As a hopeless standoff threatens the very state of the galaxy. Players will have to either bring things back from the edge of ruin and restore order. Or to use harsh force and end all of life. Will you the player choose to defend the galaxy? Or will you burn it all?

Stellaris: Nemesis Expansion | Announcement Trailer

Players will also be encouraged to use lies and deceit. Doing so lets you gather intel on opponents and turn allies against each other. All new gameplay mechanics will prove that sometimes, wars are won quietly. Ideally, behind enemy lines. Knowledge is power – mainly in times of a Nemesis conflict.

Like all Paradox Grand Strategy games, the adventure evolves with time. While you continue to grow and expand your empire. You can bring in new tech and promising power. What you find beyond the stars is up to you. And rightly so, Stellaris still continues to hold 93% Very Positive reviews on Steam. While continuing to expand adventure in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

Nemesis gets players ready to explore, discover and interact again. Stellaris will have you face a range of species as you journey among the stars. Maybe forge a galactic empire by sending out science ships to survey and explore. While setting up ships build stations around newly discovered planets. Likewise, you will have to discover buried treasures and galactic wonders. Setting a direction for your society. But also creating limits and evolving your explorers. So you can form alliances and declare wars.

Nemesis is the new expansion announced for Stellaris. Due to be available on Steam, GOG and via Paradox Plaza. Due to arrive soon in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. No release date just yet.

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