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Neocore Games studio confirms Linux will not be a supported platform

While there are many studios choosing to #port their #games to Linux, NeocoreGames on the other hand has no #plans to support the platform. At the this time there is no direct reason why, but there is no effort to port The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing or the studios other titles.

Then a user on the official forums ask about plans regarding Linux support. “What about Linux ports of your games? After release VHIII Neocore resume porting it to Linux? I say about VH1 (in beta phase on Linux) and VHII, Deathtrap and VHIII? Is still in plans or not?” Which Neocore replied with a very short comment, “We don’t plan to port our games to Linux for now.”

This is all very interesting. From the standpoint of Linux Game News, we did catch a Neocore livestream last weekend where one of our community members asked about Linux support. To which the Neocore developers replied with comments about porting games to Linux after consoles.

“We cancelled Linux support because we had so much work that finishing it would take a lot of time. That is why we cancelled,” the developers outlined in this weeks livesteam.

But now it looks like the hack-and-slash game is doomed as far as native platform support. On the slight upside, we do know both The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing games work nicely using WINE. And seeing the titles have already been available for over a year or two, this really does not put much pressure on Neocore to port the titles. Even though some users have commented on the developer already having a working Beta. Despite never being quite clear to the media whether their support plans were certain or not.

The common aspect of Linux development is that players have to wait until after a Windows PC launch before we see a native port. And seeing as how Spec Ops: The Line was just recently ported to Linux, three years after it’s initial release, this is a strong sign the market is broadening into Linux gaming. Whether Neocore wants to jump in and be part of the move towards full cross platform support is up to them.

Linux Support update from Neocore:

We know that many Linux users are quite disappointed now, some of them already bought the games based on the hope that someday it will also come to Linux. We realized that Linux is more diversified than we originally thought and we couldn’t possibly support all distributions – so we decided to drop it. For all fans who bought the game because they thought it would come to Linux but didn’t play the game yet, we’re offering refunds – write to us at [email protected].


  • BriansProjects
    May 21, 2015 3:57 pm

    Looks like I have no plans in purchasing or playing their games

    • Linux Game News
      May 22, 2015 5:37 pm

      Well on a personal level, many of us already have the games. They’re a great alternative but the fact that Neocore have been so indecisive about Linux support all this time has been a disappointment. Now this news. Hmmm