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Neodori Forever retro racing game to get a port

neodori forever retro racing game to get a port for linux mac windows pc

Neodori Forever retro racing game to get a port for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. According to details and the tireless efforts of developer Strobetano. Which is due to release next month on Steam.

Neodori Forever is a retro-inspired, endless arcade 3D racing game going live on June 23rd. Which also takes inspiration from the beloved old classics. A colorful cast of rivals is waiting to race against you. Doing so through a variety of vibrant settings. Which looks like a retro 80’s arcade game from the corner of a convenience store. But this one is due to make its way onto Linux.

…the game is made in Unity 3D and I think you can expect a Linux build as well.

While Strobetano is hard at work on Neodori Forever. The developer is also, “working a full-time job right now to pay my living expenses.” So this means time is of the essence to implement all the features in his head. But there is certainly a commitment to creating the best game possible. But you can expect to see a Linux build, either on day one, or right after launch.

Neodori Forever Gameplay Trailer

Playing Neodori Forever is all about collecting power-ups and coins. Doing so as you expand your car collection and outrun the competition.


  • Simple Race: Race in each world zone to reach the end
  • Versus: Challenge different opponents to earn your spot in the top
  • Forever Mode: Explore all the Neodori Forever world zones. While you drive at your pace in an endless ride, day and night
  • Randomly generated levels never play the same track twice!
  • 25+ Unique Unlockable cars!
  • 11+ Unique environments
  • Various racetrack levels for each environment
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Controller compatible

Neodori Forever the retro racing game is due to release on Steam. Going live on June 23rd. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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