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Neon Aileron a retro style shooter to the beat

neon aileron a retro style shooter to the beat of music on linux mac windows pc

Neon Aileron is a retro style shooter where enemies spawn to the beat on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity and unique development of Saturday Development. Coming to Steam in early 2020.

Neon Aileron brings back the retro style shooter. Since oncoming enemies spawn to the beat of the music. Which takes the a-typical ideal of retro shooters and adds in a true vibe.

Neon Aileron is created to evoke memories of playing older shooters. Those that also pre-date the whole bullet-hell genre. So you might want to call this bullet lite. Since the focus is on shooting enemies. Rather than just dodging complex bullet patterns. Saturday Development designed this game for fans. Those who played U.N. Squadron, Gradius, and Thunder Force.

Neon Aileron Announce Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Bullet-Lite Shoot ‘Em Up. Spend more time shooting, less time dodging.
  • Synchronized Soundtrack. Neon Aileron features a custom synth soundtrack by Von Hertzog. Enemies spawn to the beat of the music. While bosses attack to the beat of the music.
  • Dynamic Damage System. Player ships can take damage to non-critical parts. Damage to one or both wings will impair the flight controls. So the skilled player will be able to continue the mission.
  • Non-Linear Level Selection. Select and fly missions in the order you prefer. Skip some missions entirely if you choose.
  • 3 Pilots To Choose From. Each Neon Aileron pilot has their own unique ship. As well as a unique ability and story.
  • Super Weapon – Charge your super weapon by collecting energy containers. Activate your super weapon for fighting large enemies or large groups of enemies.
  • Weapons – Unlock up to 5 weapons. Select and use 2 weapons at a time. Your super weapon in Neon Aileron is based on the weapons you combine.
  • Local 2 Player Co-Op. So you can play locally with a friend (couch optional).

Neon Aileron is not expecting to release until January 2020. No word on price yet. But is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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