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Neon Noodles due to feast on a full release

neon noodles cooking automation game gets a full release date for linux and windows pc

Neon Noodles cyberpunk puzzle game gets a full release date for Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the brilliant minds at Vivid Helix, the game’s creators. Currently available on Steam Early Access with 90% Positive reviews.

Neon Noodles takes place in future when food – real food, like burgers, pasta, sushi, not just the vitamins and minerals we need – has become the ultimate sign of being rich and powerful. Picture a world where the vast majority of people are only scraping by. All while surviving on bland, tasteless goop as a select few feast on the world’s finest dishes. After releasing into Early Access in November 2019, Vivid Helix, is now preparing for full release on August 3rd.

Neon Noodles is a cyberpunk puzzle game for Linux inspired by the amazing works of Zachtronics, like Opus Magnum. This corporation in the future, Neon Noodles, holds the key to fine cuisine and you’re about to become a part of it. Due to climb up the ranks and dig up a shady secret hidden within this massive corporate giant.

You are handed contracts – don’t worry about what they say for now – and given all sorts of unique tools. Since you’ll be using robot chefs and teleport stations, to build production lines that change hundreds of raw materials into tasty recipes. We’re talking Jollof rice, Spätzle, Fesenjān, and a lot more.

Neon Noodles – Release Date Announcement

To do this, you’ll use a super intuitive record and replay system to teach your robots what to do, all by doing it yourself first. Afterward, if you want, you can go back and tweak their actions. Make your robot chefs as simple or complex as you want. Or go ahead and perfect every little detail, and you can get your hands as dirty as you want.

As you play more Neon Noodles, you’ll start to peel back the layers of this world. Questions will arise, and that’s also part of the thrill.

Features you should know about:

  • You can build your robots and automation systems however you want. Use all the Neon Noodles tools at your disposal like teleport stations or programmable robot chefs.
  • Teach your robot chefs what to do through a super easy record-and-replay system. If you feel like it, you can tweak their actions afterward.
  • You get to play with an almost endless number of puzzles that require you to make 250 different dishes from 400 unique ingredients. Due to offer a whole world of cuisine in your hands!
  • Engage in a deep story where food is not just food, it’s a symbol of power and wealth. Neon Noodles takes place a world dominated by a corporate that only cares about profits.
  • Lastly, you can compete against other players globally. See whose cooking bot is the best!

So, step into Neon Noodles and serve up some cyberpunk puzzle style. The full release date is August 3rd on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. It’s quite an adventure on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75 / 19,50€.

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