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Nephil’s Fall now in last week of Kickstarter campaign for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

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Exordium Games, creators of Nephil’s Fall, aim to deliver the game with #engaging story for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, a #unique reverse #gameplay mechanics and a beautifully drawn environments inspired by Japanese culture. All those features combined together set a high bar for the platformer genre.
With only one week remaining, developers are seeking a little over $4.000 to kick off and meet the $30,0000 goal for Nephil’s Fall Kickstarter campaign. And apart from three platforms, Exordium Games wants to bring their 2D metroidvania platformer on Wii U as well as other consoles and mobile devices, but it will happen only if gamers keep supporting the title!


Nephil’s Fall, at its heart, is a metroidvania platformer but with two core, unique gameplay mechanic to the game. Nephil as the fallen guardian, the main character of the game, gains additional abilities and spells through the power of the four essences. Each of the essences has been locked into four segments of his armor, one for each power. The life essences of fire, earth, air and water give Nephil control over flame, ground, wind and water. Each essences gives Nephil specific abilities, ranging from a ground smashing slam to face melting fireballs.

On top of that unlike in many other platformers out there, where you start weak and end super strong and skilled, Nephil’s Fall starts as a fallen guardian with all the powers a demi-god has but you will have to sacrifice them to progress and eventually bring balance back to the world.

All those gameplay solutions are packed in a beautifully drawn and originally designed world heavily inspired in style by Japanese culture, art and jRPGs.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

And don’t forget to up vote the game on Steam Greenlight.


  • Classic platformer mechanics – run, jump, double-jump, roll!
  • Four essences of fire, water, earth and wind, which enhance your abilities and make you a demi-god.
  • Sacrifice your abilities to restore order to the world and discover what really happened.
  • Master each environment in your own play style.
  • Start strong with loads of abilities , but give them up along the way and become a master of those you have chosen to keep.

Nephil’s Fall will be released on PC, Mac and Linux in Q4 2015. To learn more about the game visit the official website: Nephil’s Fall, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.


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