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Netherguild a new tactical roguelite has a Demo

netherguild turn-based tactical roguelite game gets a demo for linux and windows pc

Netherguild turn-based tactical roguelite game gets a Demo for Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the work and planning of developer David Vinokurov. Giving you a chance to explore ahead of the release on Steam.

Solo developer David Vinokurov is eager to take part in the Steam Next Fest. Offering an updated demo of his upcoming tactical roguelite Netherguild.

Stock up on supplies and prepare to head to your next expedition between the 13th-20th of June 2022.
The demo of Netherguild will stay available after the Next Fest too. Due to give players who missed it a chance to check out the game and voice their feedback.

Netherguild Short Alpha Trailer

New additions to the demo include:

  • Visual effects (optional) which greatly enhance the look of the game
  • Stronger, re-balanced loot and equipment.
  • Polish and bug fixing for smoother gameplay.

In Netherguild, the player commands expeditions into the underground realm. Doing so with the goal of finding the Gaians, an ancient society and long lost ally. Due to ask them for a cure to a plague that’s ravaging the land.

The demo features:

  • Turn based combat that gets more intense the further you delve.
  • Underground text based encounters provide you with choices and options. They also affect your Netherguild expedition.
  • Resource Management over the course of your runs in the form of HP. Including food (which provides healing when eaten around bonfires as well as buffs and debuffs) and limited use abilities.
  • Random characters: 4 classes with at least 3 backgrounds each. Different backgrounds mean different skill trees, character personalities and more.
  • Original fantasy world: Low fantasy with no magic, but balanced rather than dark and gritty.
  • Cute & Unique Voxel Aesthetic

After the Steam Next Fest, the Netherguild developer plans to upgrade the demo even more. Doing so according to player feedback (which you can submit via a form in the game or at the Discord!) as well working on the new areas in the game. This will be playable in Early Access in Q3-4 2022. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Since Early Access is due to carry on for 2 – 4 years.

Check out the demo and Wishlist Netherguild tactical roguelite on Steam.

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