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Neural Shock is a new tower defense RPG

neural shock tower defense and team building action rpg game is coming to linux mac and windows pc

Neural Shock tower defense and team building action RPG game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the impressive team at Hardwired Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Ready to dive into the world of Neural Shock? This Linux game is all about taking down bloodthirsty creatures with turrets, traps, and good old-fashioned weapons. You get to choose from different classes, each with its unique play style, and there are over 20 different turrets and traps to mess around with.

In Neural Shock, you’ll create chaos by setting up turrets and traps in strategic spots. All while fighting off waves of ferocious clones and unique creations from messed-up experiments. As you battle, you’ll level up your character and gear, getting stronger and tougher so you can crush your enemies.

Neural Shock – Official Release Date Trailer

This title mixes classic tower defense gameplay with pixel-art violence and action RPG elements. It’s set in a dark, futuristic sci-fi world that’s perfect for both quick sessions and longer playtimes. Plus, you control a main character who helps out your turrets during battles. Adding an extra layer of strategy and action.

In Neural Shock, it’s the year 2304. CyTech, a top research corp, figured out how to use artificial neural networks in humans, creating super-soldiers. But one generation of these soldiers went rogue after some wild genetic experiments. While mutating into aggressive, hostile beings. They saw themselves as a new superhuman race and started cloning themselves to take over the Earth.

Fast forward to 2325. You’re part of Armorion, a private military group, sent to infiltrate CyTech’s main facility. Your mission in Neural Shock? Wipe out the rogue specimens and stop their cloning operations. The facility’s defense systems are down, but you can rebuild them using turrets and traps. Clear each sector and make sure the defenses hold against these hostile mutants.


  • Tower Defense Puzzles
    Neural Shock features unique tower defense missions in a dark, futuristic world. You’ll face side objectives that require sharp wits and quick thinking to complete.
  • Pixel-Art Violence
    Watch as monsters meet their end in countless brutal ways—shredded, electrocuted, burnt, melted, and more. The crunchy pixel art graphics show every drop of blood and gore. Get creative with how you take down these vicious creatures.
  • Class-Based Character and Team Building
    Pick your class, dive into the monster-filled world, and level up. Customize your build by mastering different weapons, turrets, and traps. As you progress, you’ll unlock new team members to help you on the battlefield, and you can level them up too.

Neural Shock is built with a custom game engine, starting as a personal project in early 2023.

Content Rating
Heads up, this action RPG game has mature content: violence, blood, and gore in pixel-art form.

Get ready to cleanse the world of horrors and have a blast doing it. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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