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Neurodeck deckbuilder and roguelite is out now

neurodeck deckbuilder and roguelite releases now in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Neurodeck deckbuilder and roguelite releases now in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie studio Tavrox Games. Which is now available with a discount on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Neurodeck releases a wild mix of deckbuilder and roguelite. Hailed as a climactic card game about battling inner fears displaying as eerie monsters. With the support of delicate and graphic hand drawn models.

The launch coexists with the Goblinz Publisher Deal Week. While including discounts across the full range of Goblinz Publishing games on Steam. This also happens to include a solid range of titles with Linux gaming support too. So definitely check it out. The same with the trailer below.

Neurodeck – Release Date Announcement Trailer

In Neurodeck, players will need to build, craft, and master an arsenal of mental battling cards. So they can fight real life phobias, and discover different playable characters. Since each offers its own storyline, fears, and traits to unlock.

Easy to understand for beginners. With enough depth for seasoned deck buildering fans. Neurodeck is due to offer a lot of playability and wants players to get curious. So you can try different approaches. Rewarding them with new outcomes to their actions.


  • Fight your inner fears: Combat the many forms of phobias. Ranging from Masculinity, a hulking shadow that glowers with rage. All the way to the cynical crowd that is Agoraphobia.
  • Weaponize your mind: Build up an arsenal of mental battling cards in Neurodeck. While you unlock unique traits from actions and surveys. Unleash scary combos and put your demons to rest for good.
  • Roguelike deck builder mechanisms: Defeat is a starting point to get stronger. Letting you begin anew with access to a greater range of cards and strategies.
  • Replayability and diversity: Discover a huge range of cards. Since they cover all types of mental coping mechanisms. These range from spooning to arguments. Altering every new game’s strategy.
  • A meta exploration of mental health: The eerie original soundtrack and graphic hand drawn visuals. Plus the deeply personal story creates a striking setting. While making for a deep meta exploration of mental health.

Neurodeck deckbuilder and roguelite releases on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. While offering a 10% discount until March 25th. Dropping the price to $12.59 USD. Along with continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

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