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NeuroSlicers a free to play competitive strategy RPG

neuroslicers a free to play competitive strategy rpg for linux windows pc

NeuroSlicers is a new free to play competitive strategy RPG coming to Windows PC, but also has plans for Linux. Thanks to independent game developer Dream Harvest. Which is due to arrive on Steam.

This is a dynamic new take on the RTS genre, NeuroSlicers. Due to arrive on Windows PC in 2021. Players take on the role of a Slicer in the neon-tinged, post-cyberpunk city of Catena. Which is also fully voiced and a story driven game. Which combines solo, co-op, PvP and PvPvE gameplay into a seamless whole.
So this means fast thinking will be at the core of the action. With units managing their own micro-strategies leaves players free to manage the higher-level elements. All in this action focused RTS that layers in RPG progression and deck building mechanics.

Where is Linux Support for NeuroSlicers?

So we’re currently using Unity for the development of NeuroSlicers. We have plans for a Linux port down the line. Though due to limited team resources currently. We’ve had to focus on the PC build for the current Pre-Alpha test. We previously had the Linux version running. Though with the update to Unity’s HDRP (high definition render pipeline) it caused some issues with Linux machines. Which we’ve not had the time to fix just yet.

Since this marks Linux actually having support. There are obviously some technical issues outstanding with Unity and NeuroSlicers. Which depends on the studio fixing the build and resolving the HDRP issue. But the team is focusing on the Pre-Alpha right now. Which is certainly a game you will want to try.

We are keen to keep the experience balanced and fair for competitive play. And we work closely with our community to make sure that we’re sanity checking our design decisions. Making sure they’re happy with the direction we’re taking things.

The Pre-Alpha:

Now that being said, players can also join the Pre-Alpha now until August 31. All via the game’s Discord. Where you can inform the game’s development through community feedback. But also get a chance to play the game using Proton. Just go into the #steam-key-request channel and type “!key“. Then make sure to force the use of compatibility for Proton in the game Properties on Steam. Then play. You can also use the Discord channel to find matches, when you’re ready.

Dream Harvest’s goal with NeuroSlicers is to build an RTS game that really shakes up the genre. To modernise the format and create a community driven experience. NeuroSlicers achieves this with a focus on strategic action. Plus AI-driven units remove the burden of micro-management from the player. Since this leaves you free to focus on fast-paced tactical decisions.

Even in the pre-alpha, players can experience an incredible level of customisation. Since you will manage a swappable tech system that replaces traditional faction tech trees. This unique take on staples of the RTS genre. This lets players earn, craft, change and level-up customizable Node Tech, Scripts and Mods. However they choose to manage an ever-evolving battlefield. Territory control, resource management, upgrading and placement of buildings are all at the player’s fingertips. Ensuring that NeuroSlicers tests players mental agility and not how quick they click.

NeuroSlicers – A Guide To Network Node Tech

It’s this blend of action and story focus. This certainly makes the competitive gameplay of NeuroSlicers feel so fresh. Built to be eSports ready from the get-go. The gameplay is designed to be truly balanced. With all abilities unlocked for competitive matches. Meaning that the best NeuroSlicer players will come with raw skill and ability alone.

Alpha Features:

  • First of two Solo Campaign missions set within ‘the Construct’
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Competitive PVP with Ranking system
  • Escalation PvPvE, which ramps up the difficulty of NeuroSlicers. As players get better at the game
  • Fully voiced cast of characters each with Contracts to complete
  • Script (Units, Turrets and Powers) levelling and customisation for the Solo and PVPVE modes
  • 12 upgradable Scripts (Units, Turrets and Powers) and 2 Faction Tech paths to choose from. Each with a whole set of Node Buildings that completely change the gameplay

Travel to the future, discover the secrets of the NeuroNet. Therefore, be sure to try out the Pre-Alpha of NeuroSlicers. The free to play competitive strategy RPG is avialable via the game’s official Discord until August 31st. Players can also Wishlist the game on Steam. With more details coming soon for Linux.

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