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Never Split the Party roguelike multiplayer coming soon

never split the party roguelike multiplayer coming soon to linux mac windows

Never Split the Party is an ultra social roguelike multiplayer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games coming to Steam this Fall, which was originally supposed to launch sometime in Q1 2018.

So I’ve been holding off posting details about Never Split the Party. Since the games due to release sometime this year. No specific release date yet and gameplay seems similar to Binding of Isaac. At least that’s what comes to mind.

Since gameplay has players taking on the role of one of four adventurers entering an epic dungeon. Working to take down the vampire known only as The Countess. Who is also continuously bombarding you with insults. That an interesting touch.

Explore a programmatically generated dungeon, amass powerful upgrades. While working with your fellow adventures to conquer and crush the evil dungeon champions.

Never Split the Party is boasting over 120 upgrades, 19 magical potions, 28 unique enemies, and over 425 room designs. All spread across 5 programmatically generated dungeon levels for maximum replayability. Which is what everyone’s doing now it seems.

Never Split the Party Roguelike multiplayer Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Cooperate with your friends and cover each others backs in this 4 Player Co-op
  • Explore a procedurally-generated megadungeon that spans 5 progressively difficult floors
  • Destroy a wide variety of dangerous enemies in over 425 unique dungeon rooms
  • Dodge devious hazards that split the party
  • Revive your companions when they get knocked down
  • Discover and amass over 120 devastating abilities and artifacts
  • Share the knowledge of one of four unique specialist roles
  • Unlock new character classes and challenges to be mastered
  • Always available to play with your friends because it’s FREE!

Since each player has plays a role and a character class in the multiplayer. The four unique roles in the roguelike provide vital info to the party.
The Cartographer tracks the dungeon maps. The Treasurer tracks each players inventory. The Vitalist also tracks each players health. And the Loremaster tracks all knowledge of the upgrades.

Player will also get to unlock and choose a character class. While the initial Paladin class will be FREE for everyone. Access to the other 5 classes require a coming paid DLC.

Coming soon to Steam:

Never Split the Party still does not not have a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games coming to Steam, we’re awaiting more details from developer Legend Studio.

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