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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition gets fixes

neverwinter nights enhanced edition gets fixes for linux mac windows

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is back in news with new fixes for Linux. One of the most significant CRPG games change, the fullscreen mode.

So thanks to the good folks over at Beamdog. The return of a classic Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition continues to see new changes and improvements via Steam.

Development build 8174 for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is now available. So test away.

If all goes well, Beamdog will ship this build as 1.75. This will give NWNX:EE time to prepare ahead of time, and also allow server admins to test and migrate over the coming days.


  • We’ve added a new, more dynamic depth of field shader kindly provided by Søren Møller.
  • We added the livestream contest winner portrait (po_exornova).


  • Regression: We fixed the New Game server settings UI not being interactable.
  • Regression: We fixed the New Game server settings UI disappearing after backing out from character selection.
  • The Polish high-res font has been amends to include all requirements for special characters.
  • HAK and TLK preloading is now gets a check immediately upon connection; not after character creation. This fixes an issue where players would attempt to join a server with missing haks, only to get the kick after character creation.
  • Fixed the Connect button on the Server Details pane not working properly.
  • We fix the Previous/Next buttons not greying out the Connect button as required. We also fix a crash where ActionTakeItem would fail to deposit an item in a full inventory.
  • OnMeleeAttacked and OnDamaged fixed for not firing on creatures.
  • The character creation model viewer fixed due to crashing for racial type appearances without a valid model.
  • So the racial selection screen title gets a fix having the class selection title.
  • We fixed Linux Fullscreen mode (long overdue).
  • “Stereo WAV in 3D Positional Sound” popping up erroneously in the toolset has a resolve now.
  • ALso the toolset not displaying spells or feats on character sheets has a fix.
  • We’re now applying FBOs (full-screen post processing effects) in a predefined order to avoid visual corruption when un/checking them in the UI.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since Beamdog continue to update the game. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is becoming more like a proper current release for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is great…because this means more Linux gamers playing a true classic.

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