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New 2D sidescrolling platformer ‘1001 Spikes’ Release Date and Trailer


Anyone who has ever picked up a modern game and decried ‘This is too easy!’, well, you’re in luck. 1001 Spikes, a 2D side scrolling platform #game from developer Nicalis will be hitting Steam for Windows and #Linux,  Plasystation 4, Playstation Vita next week on June 3.

1001 Spikes basically looks like some sort of bastard lovechild between all the worst parts of Battletoads and the original Ninja Gaiden, a side scrolling adventure that spares no mercy whatsoever. Players can expect to be frustrated early and often. Though the inevitable ‘no death’ run through videos that will pop up on June 4th will be amazing to watch.

In addition to its “tough as nails difficulty” Nicalis and 8Bits Fanatics is also promising “razor sharp controls” and “clever-yet-insidious game design”. The videos I’ve seen all point to a game world that will come at you from multiple sides, sometimes quite literally and will require extensive death and replay in order to learn the system. The game will also boast a simultaneous 2 to 4 player co-op and versus mode, because that’s what precisely what you need, other people going around and messing things up.

The game is about Aban Hawkins, adventurer, as he “…races into the frozen tundra of the antarctic, undiscovered temple ruins, and the vast caverns of South America in search of his father and the legendary treasure rumored to lie behind the Golden Door of Poko-Mum.”

Another two dozen unlockable characters will also be made available, each with his or her own special ability (and from older Nicalis games, such as VVVVV). The game boasts over one hundred separate endings, most of which probably end badly for you, the player.

Gamers looking for a challenge, and who can ace all the Demon and Dark Souls games may have found their next masochistic adventure. Gamers have gone soft, with our ‘check points’, ‘save anywheres’, ‘adjustable difficulties’ and ‘unlimited lives’. Travel back to the old days, the all or nothing days when all a man could rely on was his wits and the notion that only by having enough quarters could we possibly hope to survive.

The game will retail on Steam for $14.99, the same as PS4 and Vita. It releases June 3.

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