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New content coming to Linux with Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Indie heist #game #Monaco  What’s Yours Is Mine is going #multiplatform. The developers announced on the game’s Facebook page that it is hitting #Linux. Along with the game’s #debut on Linux, it is also getting a bunch of new content as part of the package.

The last major update Monaco got was the integration with Steam Workshop along with a level editor. Those who picked up the PC version of the game could access “The Mole’s Workshop,” which is the level editor, and could create custom missions and maps and share them with friends.

Coming to Linux!

Monaco has quite a simple premise. It is narrated by a character—the Locksmith or the Pickpocket, depending on what point of the story you’re at—who tells how a group of people escape from a prison and eventually pull off heists of increasing risks and rewards. It’s not exactly Citizen Kane, but it does manage to give you enough reason to keep playing through the missions.

The game has a total of eight characters: the Locksmith, the Pickpocket, the Cleaner, the Lookout, the Mole, the Gentleman, the Hacker, and the Redhead. Early on in the game, you only have access to one of the first four characters, but you can unlock the rest as you progress. The characters are all colour-coded so that players don’t get confused about who’s playing who in the chaos the game often tends to descend into.

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