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New content, redesigned gameplay balance for Dungeon Defenders Eternity

The original #DungeonDefenders now comes in an all-in-one package called Dungeon Defenders Eternity. The $15 #bundle includes “previously released material, new content, redesigned gameplay balance and cross-platform play.” Owners of the original game on PC, Mac and Linux can upgrade for $6.

There’s also a package with “less content” on Android Tegra Devices for $9.99. It’ll arrive on other Android devices, iPhones and iPad later this year. There’s also a browser version at “Dungeon Defenders Eternity is in many ways a product of our players, built around feedback from fans. Having an open dialogue with our fans is core to all our efforts at Trendy, and that same philosophy is being actively applied to our work on the sequel as well,” said Trendy CEO Darrell Rodriguez.

DDE adds four new missions, with “more to come for free post launch.” It will also have a Hall of Triumphs where players can unlock special items, titles and pets for use in Dungeon Defenders 2. That game, last we heard, should be out sometime this year.

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