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New crowdfunding service targets indies

Melbourne digital distribution service launches Alphafunding

PC digital distribution service Desura has launched Alphafunding, a crowdsourcing mechanism for funding indie game development projects.

Alphafunding looks to formalise the process of supporting games which are in their early development phases by allowing people to become ongoing beta and alpha testers of games they support for the cost of a small donation.

Ad hoc examples of this kind of funding strategy can already be seen in examples like Minecraft, but Melbourne-based Desura thinks having a dedicated service for the mechanism will further empower gamers and indie developers alike.

Scott Reismanis, founder of Desura, said: “Alphafunding fills the void between the idea phase and the pre-order / release phase. [It] includes the gamers in the development of the product, not only from a financial perspective, but gives them the opportunity to contribute toward the design and development process.”

Alphafunding launched late last week on Desura with five titles: Project Zomboid, Survivors of Ragnarok, King Arthur’s Gold, Wyv and Keep, and Rotation.

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