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New Frontiers the biggest update hits Barotrauma

new frontiers the biggest update hits barotrauma on linux mac and windows pc for free

New Frontiers the biggest update hits Barotrauma on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to independent studios FakeFish and Undertow Games. Plus the game itself is discount on Humble Store and Steam.

So yes, New Frontiersis the biggest update to the unique Sci-Fi submarine simulation Barotrauma. Well as least since Steam Early Access started last June.

Barotrauma: “New Frontiers” Update now live

New Frontiers further refines the game and adds a campaign based journey. Which also has a secret goal in the depths of Europa. Multiple aspects of the game have improvements as well. So that the campaign mode creates a real sense of progression. Plus a work in progress ending is coming together with a useable endgame location.


  • Outposts: The crew is now able to physically reach and explore outposts. Which is now available thanks New Frontiers, at the start and endpoint of a mission thanks. AI dwellers and randomized events keep the outposts alive. Players can trade, restock equipment, hire new crewmates and more.
  • Submarines: The crew’s swimming home base will develop throughout the journey. Beginning with a modest sub. Players are able to update and modify the hull. Adding different machinery and weaponry as they progress. All available New Frontiers improvements apply to modded ships as well. So the community can easily mix their own creations into the campaign.
  • Crewmates: The heart of the game, the submarine’s crew. This is no longer randomizing between campaign missions when playing with bots. Since every crewmate becomes a valuable part of the mission in . Plus they can also have specific training. So you should not use them as expendable cannon fodder. The bot AI was also improved now in New Frontiers.
  • In-game economy: Players are able to sell items. Prices are balanced and different items are ready for use at different locations in the game.
  • Visuals: The developers visually redid the majority of sprites in the game. With a rewriting for the campaign map.

The biggest update hits Barotrauma. New Frontiers marks the next step toward the full launch. Which is also available for free. Plus the games also discounted 40% off the $29.99 USD price. Dropping it down to $17.99 USD on both Humble Store and Steam. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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