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New Frontiers launch in Tropico 6

new frontiers launch in tropico 6 while continuing game support for linux mac windows pc

New Frontiers launch in Tropico 6 while continuing game support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the work from developer Realmforge Studios. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with a launch discount.

Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios are eager to announce Tropico 6 – New Frontiers is out now. While a certain billionaire is distracted by the chaos at Twitter. It seems El Presidente has decided that now is the perfect time for a little space exploration of his own. Due to truly to become the richest man in the universe. SpaceX who?

In Tropico 6 – New Frontiers, players are tasked with ensuring Tropico stays ahead. While being at the forefront of international competition. It’s a wide world out there and El Prez is taking his persuasion to galactic heights.
With the new Space Port Complex, players will take on launching Tropico into a glorious new future. Due to build rockets and delve into research. Take on the Space Race, walk on the Moon and setup the first Mars colony of humankind. Doing so with the all-new Mission Mars campaign. New characters, buildings, and edicts open countless possibilities to make more money. And also keep your citizens happy and improve upon that Tropican perfection. You can even customize a fresh look in New Frontiers for El Prez and his palace which is out of this world. But be warned, even with a stellar plan there is no greater risk than space exploration. So who knows what unforeseen chances await? You’ll need to be creative if you want to claim glory for Tropico.

Tropico 6 | New Frontiers DLC | Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Along with the just-released Tropico 6 update. El Prez is also happy to provide some new content for the citizens of Tropico. This includes bug fixes and a new free landmark, the Moonlander. As long as you vote correctly of course.

Tropico 6 – New Frontiers will also be showcased during the game’s first live stream. This is going to be live today, with the Developers, December 2nd at 10am PT/ 1pm ET over on Kalypso Live. A good time to chime in and show hype for Linux gaming.


  • Reach for the stars with Tropico 6 – New Frontiers: Together with the brand-new Spaceport Complex. The new mechanics open up exciting chances for you to play sandbox scenarios. Also greatly expand the end game experience. Expanding your Mars colony by sending more and more Tropican’s into space. THis not only gets rid of unwelcome citizens but also secures valuable bonuses for your island nation.
  • Mission Mars: The new campaign with 5 missions lets Tropico compete against the international competition in the research race. Meet new and familiar characters from the Tropico series. Including the Professor, Hector Sanchez, Patch, and Veronica Veneno. Then lead your nation into a glorious future!
  • 9 new buildings shoot to the sky! Complete your assembly lines in the new Spaceport Complex. So you can meet the increasing energy demand with the Fusion Reactor and the Reclaimer. With the games new vertical stacking mechanic, you can expand the Capsule Cluster. The same with the Agriculture Tower and Synthetic Food Lab to meet the needs of your subjects. You can also show the world how modern and entertaining Tropico in New Frontiers. Doing so with the Hologram Funhouse.
  • New design options for your palace and El Presidente! With the additional decorations and an all-new accessory. You’ll be perfectly ready for the test of the space race!
  • 2 new edicts: Turn your space missions into more money with the “Space Soap Opera”. Or use “Hear the Call” to get your citizens to the spaceship.

Tropico 6 – New Frontiers is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $13.49 USD / £11.69 / 13,49€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.