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New Game Floating Point releases from Gunpoint Developer

Floating Point releases free on linux mac windows pc

Tom Francis, #developer of the stealth-puzzle game #Gunpoint, released his newest game today, Floating Point. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

In Floating Point, you take control of a grappling hook, and the game is all about swinging and collecting points. The more you swing and the less you hit, the faster you go and the more points you earn.

Player performance affects the sensory experience of the game, too. As Francis describes on the Steam product page, “As you pick up momentum, you start to glow, the bars you’re collecting rise up, the music kicks in, and your trajectory burns a bright red line in the air, drawing huge, beautiful mathematical curves of your arcing flight.”

The game is peaceful, surprisingly engaging, and will run on almost any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

It is available today for free on Steam.


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