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New Humble Bundle includes Botanicula and a movie


It’s been a month since the last Humble Indie Bundle, so it’s time for another. This time, the focus has gone away from introducing Android games and instead includes a brand new game and a feature-length movie.

The bundle is actually called the Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle, and with good reason. The game Botanicula is making its debut as part of the offer, meaning this is the first, and currently only way you are going to get to play the game.

If you want an incentive to try it, then know that it came from the same team that gave us Machinarium, which also forms part of the bundle. On top of those two titles you get a license for Samorast 2.

As usual, the bundle is being offered with the option to pay what you want in return for Windows, Mac, or Linux versions of the games. However, if you pay more than the average then there’s some extra goodies on offer. For this bundle they include the full-length feature movie Kooky and puzzle-art game Windosill. As the three main games in the bundle come from Amanita Design, you also get the soundtracks for those titles too.

The Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle will be available for two weeks from today and has already managed to sell over 4,000 bundles. You get to choose how your money is allocated, with the charity this time being the World Land Trust. The WLT takes direct action to save rainforests and wildlife habitats and is well worth donating a few dollars to.

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