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New Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Castle Breakers

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Black Black Beast have announced that a new Kickstarter campaign is now underway offering $10 pre-order for the game. It also clarifies RPG elements, features simplified rewards, solidified stretch goals, and lower funding goal of $25,000.

One part Zelda, one part Super Breakout, Castle Breakers is a retro inspired,block breaking action adventure for the PC to be release first quarter of 2014.

The forces of evil have overrun the kingdom and taken up residence in the many castles, keeps, and fortresses that dot the land. You are the last of the Castle Breaker Knights, called upon to drive these villians from the world with your sword and mystical wrecking ball.


  • Discover new areas: Travel across the world, unlocking territories with new found powers and equipment.
  • Physics driven game play: Decimate targets with skill based positioning and timing.
  • Destruction: Break, bash, and smash just about everything on the playfield and leave the carnage in your wake.
  • Voxel style artwork: rendered with modern shader technology, for a pixellated fantasy storybook feel.
  • A World to expolore: Travel to (and wreck) unique and interesting locations! Glittering palaces, decrepit ruins, magic towers and more.
  • Boss Battles: Super tough boss characters will challenge even the most skilled Castle Breaker Knight with their special attacks and unique AI.
  • Spells: Fire, lightning, ice! Unleash devastating spells on the enemy.
  • Secrets: Hidden areas, shortcuts, traps. What other mysteries await?


Game play begins on the Overworld map. You will traverse the continent, visiting numerous villages, towns, and encampments  where you will meet NPCs that will provide information and new quests for you to undertake.

New Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Castle Breakers

Each castle on the map is made up of a number of levels where the action takes place. Clear these levels by smashing through the defenses your enemies have erected, eventually making your way to the boss that has taken over the area.

The artifacts you obtain by beating bosses will open up new areas around the map, or provide assistance during the battle sections of game play. For example: after defeating the dwarf king, he will agree to clear a path through the mountains, unlocking passage to the northern reaches of the map.

When attacking a castle, you set your position and then strike the wrecking ball with a swing of your sword. This sets the ball in motion on the field, where it smashes into obstacles and enemies, eventually returning to the zone at the bottom of the screen. By adjusting position and timing the attack, the you direct the ball towards specific targets. If the ball manages to get past you, it is lost. Lose too many, and the you will have to start over and mount a new assault.

New Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Castle Breakers

This Kickstarter campaign includes rewards allowing backers to name in-game locations after themselves, and appear as key character in the story. A hand crafted table top arcade game running a custom version of Castle Breakers awaits backers at the top pledge level.

Scheduled for Q1 2014, for Windows and Linux, Castle Breakers is a retro inspired re-imagining of the block breaker games of the past. It combines physics based game play, action RPG elements, and a voxel fantasy story book graphical treatment.

For more details, check out Castle Breakers on Kickstarter

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