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New Prospects releases for Deep Sky Derelicts

new prospects releases for deep sky derelicts in linux mac windows pc games

New Prospects the games new DLC releases for Deep Sky Derelicts for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing work of developer Snowhound Games. Launching on Steam (apparently GOG too). Check out the official trailer below.

Deep Sky Derelicts turn based startegy RPG. Now enriched with tactical card combat and roguelike elements. Since the games expanding its horizons with a brand new DLC. Welcome to the New Prospects.
So prepare to make planetfalls. While you get lost in blizzards and sandstorms. Engage with scavenger colonies and clear out monster lairs.
While the New Prospects expansion give a hefty boost. Both to the variety of scenery and diversity of encounters out there. It also makes exploration even more exciting. So the gameplay is more tense and suspenseful than ever before.

Encounter new enemies and embark on new missions. While you suit up with new equipment. Playing as a brand new character class – the Miner.

Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects DLC (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

New exploration mechanics:

  • Stealth, Rush and Normal exploration stances in New Prospects. They also allow you to sneak past enemies. Or simply ambush them. But you can simply conserve energy and proceed as usual.
  • Run a Focused Scan to reveal all objects. As well as the activity in a remote location.
  • Field treatment helps restore wounded squaddies’ health. While temporarily boosting your card draw when away from home.

A wide range of new environmental conditions:

  • Global conditions (derelict-wide) in New Prospects. Such as dynamic gravity and plague ship. Also radiation waves and more.
  • New local conditions, including hazardous planetary conditions. Such as blizzards and sandstorms.
  • Other defining conditions such as Ghost Ship. These are derelicts full of stealthy, dangerous enemies. Plus the Tourist Trap (more loot, more dead scavengers…).
  • Enemy groups respan on derelicts in New Prospects. Including previously visited ships.

Wider universe to be discovered:

  • New locations to visit apart from the derelicts. Such as ice and desert planets.
  • Settlements: confined, guarded areas that belong to various factions. Such as scavenger colonies, pirate forts and scourge nests. You can also interact with these in multiple ways. For example, by taking contracts, trading or pillaging.
  • New environmental combat actions that can be used in New Prospects. All in exchange for energy during fights. As an alternative to playing regular cards. Environment actions can greatly increase your tactical options.

Additional class – the Miner and new enemies:

  • 10 new enemies, including deadly new variations on the Cobra and Skink. As well as the brand new Dreadwurm. And also the Stone Shepherds and Myrmexes.
  • New character class – the Miner for New Prospects. Custom look and ability tree. Since this includes an exclusive new heavy ranged weapon, the Blaster. Plus extension mods and new cards!

New equipment and missions:

  • New equipment offering exciting new options. So you can gear up your scavengers. Such as regenerating shield cores. As well as lofty new mods to make them fully shine.
  • A dozen compelling new missions to accomplish. Both on planet surfaces and inside derelicts.

Numerous UI updates and improvements:

  • Left side consumables menu on the scanner screen.
  • New buttons for Normal and Focused Scans on the scanner screen.
  • Stance selector button on the scanner screen.
  • Easy to spot ship and room condition indicators on the scanner screen;
  • Minor and major ship condition info on the star map screen.

Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects DLC releases on Steam. The trailer outlines a GOG release (but no product page yet). But the new DLC is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $6.99 USD (including a 10% launch discount for a limited amount of time).

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