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New RTS Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves developer Artifice Studio has #revealed details about its upcoming physics-based #RTS Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles.

Nobody calls me chicken.

The eccentric Montreal-based studio’s latest title re-imagines the French Revolution as a series of space battles in an alternate history where Leonardo Da Vinci discovered the secret of space travel in 1519 from experimenting on egg yolks. As such, multiple factions have risen to the stars to do battle for cosmic territories like The Marches of Pygmalion and New Vienna.

According to Artifice’s Adam Rotondo, “the game sort of plays like a galactic game of marbles, where the players must flick their ships across space to colonize planets and do combat with one another.” It sounds a bit like a mix of Starcraft, Star Wars, Angry Birds and Monty Python.

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is in development for PC, Mac and Linux and will contain both a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. For more information, check out its official dev blog.

It’s still in its early days, but you can get a feel for Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles silly tone in its cinematic reveal trailer.

Conflicks is currently in production stage and we already have a lot of fun playing it! We hope to have something to show in Steam’s early access around next November if everything goes well. 


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