New Steam features performance fixes for Linux Beta in Update


Following hot on the footsteps on the last update, Valve just #released another Beta update for Steam. This time however it is targeted towards Linux. This beta update brings a slew of much needed updates and most importantly various performance fixes for Linux.

According to the update log, this version specifically targets the various issues and bugs plaguing the #BigPicture Mode. The Big Picture mode has been optimized further to improve performance. Although the performance boost is available for all platforms, the highest gain is on Linux. Apart from that, the Big Picture mode’s out of focus or in game bug has been fixed. Additionally, previously, when entering the quit menu, the focus wouldn’t be on the first item. This has been fixed with this Beta update. Finally, the issues with the Daisy Wheel that Big Picture utilizes for text entry has been fixed. Previously, it wouldn’t show successfully is it were launched through a launcher other than the default one. Those Steamwork games have now been fixed. The Beta update is available for all users of Steam for Linux. Though being a Beta update, you need to opt in to the Beta program through the preference menu. The official announcement as found on the announcement board is as follows: Big Picture:

  • Improved performance in some cases with the Big Picture window out-of-focus/in-game. The biggest gain here is on Linux, but all platforms should see some benefit.
  • Fixed focus when entering the quit menu sometimes not being on the first item
  • Fixed Steamworks games that utilize the Daisy Wheel for text entry in Big Picture not showing it successfully if they were launched via a launcher or other multi-process scenario

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