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NEW TERRA space shooter still on the way

new terra gravity-based space shooter game still on the way to linux and windows pc

NEW TERRA gravity-based space shooter game is still on the way to Linux and Windows PC. With a lot of hope and commitment from developer Winteryear Studios Los Angeles. Due to make its way onto Steam, anytime now.

NEW TERRA will have you play as Captain Lotus. There is no crew since your ship is all you need. So when there are dangerous space contracts no one else is willing to take. Well, they call you. As you pilot an old paramilitary space fighter called “The Edgecrusher”. While you find yourself on distant planets, deep under alien oceans, and far-off galaxies.

As for the release, it looks like Winteryear Studios Los Angeles is patching the Switch. Have a look at the Twitter account. But seriously, I’m waiting patiently here Winteryear.

NEW TERRA is an action strategy game where each level has you in a new world on dangerous missions. Such as daring rescue operations, extracting ancient alien artifacts, or dodging volcanos on distant moons. You could also end up repairing antennas in deep space, taking out war criminals, hauling ice during asteroid storms, and fighting sandworms. Facing enemy ships, turrets, giant lasers, and stealthy planetary destroyers. But due note, fuel doesn’t last long on this ship. Likewise, it’s hard to come by. so mind your resources and act fast.

NEW TERRA Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

The NEW TERRA ship is controlled by the player in 2D space. As well as being locked to a top-down view. Here the player controls the rotation and thrust of the ship being pulled downward by gravity. Which can be used as a strategic advantage in some cases while conserving fuel.

The ship itself consumes fuel at a rate of 100% in only 20 seconds at full burn. The player must balance thrust, gravity, physics, and trajectory. Doing so with their limited fuel reserves. This is where using gravity in NEW TERRA is useful. Since it lets you consume with limited power ups. Including things like shield repair, fuel restoration, weapons powers, and more.


  • 18 gorgeous, challenging, action packed levels taking place on and inside foreign/alien planets. As well as on asteroids, in outer space, and under alien oceans.
  • Multiple range of weapons upgrades for your NEW TERRA ship. Wach chosen to maximize destruction and defense in any situation.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master, dynamic object timing and offsets. This ensures gameplay patterns are not static and expected.
  • Near endless strategic options provides high replayability.
  • Incredible original soundtrack (listen here ) composed by famed Hollywood music composer Ron Wasserman (Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men & 3500+ other productions).

NEW TERRA gravity-based space shooter is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Due to make its way onto Steam priced at $24.99 USD / £19.99 / 22,99€.

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