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New trailer released for XCOM 2 from 2K Games and Firaxis Games


2K Games and #FiraxisGames #unveiled the next title in the XCOM series, XCOM 2. Set 20 years in the future before XCOM: Enemy Unknown took place, the game will be debuting later this year for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Yesterday, 2K Games released an E3 2015 #gameplay trailer, showing a group of XCOM soldiers attacking a swarm of aliens in a sabotage mission for an Advent landmark. This trailer shows the first official gameplay debut for XCOM 2 and the tactical combat players we can expect, not to mention a few of the enemies we are bound to encounter.

XCOM 2 is coming to Linux and Mac with the development being undertaken by Feral Interactive, a company that specializes in native releases. XCOM 2 has been a long awaited title for both fans of the series and the developers.

Now we have a further breakdown for the above trailer, Pete Murray is joined by XCOM 2 Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis. Going over the E3 demo to reveal new information about XCOM’s Central Officer, Bradford.

XCOM 2 will be releasing this coming November, although a specific release date has not be released yet. Check out XCOM 2’s website for more information on how to pick-up the game.


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