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Next Up Hero native support incoming says Aspyr

next up hero linux support incoming says aspyr

Next Up Hero, the adorably punishing co-op dungeon crawler for Mac and Windows for $19.99 USD, but Linux support is coming. We reached out Aspyr Media for details.

Linux support:

“We don’t have a release date yet, but we’re looking into making it happen.”

So this is more of a confirmation than anything. The fact that a Linux build is incoming is a good sign. However I am seriously surprised there is no build available for the Steam Summer Sale. Since Next Up Hero is discounted 25% until July 5th.

  • Exclusively on Steam, earn skins from our favorite Valve games including Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life!
  • Cross Platform Play: Slay with friends on Xbox One, PC and, upon release, Switch.

Next Up Hero is a co-op Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler. Starring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, shoot, bongo drum and boomerang through ventures. So choose your Hero and start rolling dungeons, gearing out and maxing your stats. While working against the vile yet adorable monsters known as the Ceaseless Dirge.

Next Up Hero Official Release Trailer (Windows, Mac and Linux is coming)


  • Dungeon Maker Mode – Create a savage dungeon, and challenge the community to beat it. If they succeed, earn a rare piece of loot. If they fail, the treasure is yours.
  • Perma-Permadeath – Death is so permanent in Next Up Hero that your “echo” remains for the next player to raise. People die a lot in Next Up Hero, so you can resurrect up to 20 AI followers!
  • MixPlay Enabled on PC and Xbox One –  As a spectator on Mixer, help a out streamer by taking control of the echo army to fight the Ceaseless Dirge. Or, if you want to go all anti-hero, slow or freeze the streamer at the worst possible moment — a real Dirge move on your part.
  • The Champion Trial – The toughest ventures yet. To have any chance of survival, you must work together as a community to defeat impossible bosses and unlock new rewards. You will probably die.
  • Customized Heroes Defeat monsters and steal their abilities. Combine monster abilities, character skins, and Ancient abilities for thousands of deadly potential loadouts!

Next Up Hero is currently available on Steam with a 25% discount until July 5th for Mac and Windows. The Linux build does not have a release date yet. But it’s coming. The games also on Humble Store at full price, $19.99 USD.

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