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Next Western Star for American Truck Simulator

next western star truck details for american truck simulator in linux gaming mac windows pc

Next Western Star truck details for American Truck Simulator in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer SCS Software. Due make it’s release later this month via Steam.

Next Western Star truck does not have official screens just yet. But SCS Software is eager to announce the upcoming release. Establishing themselves within the trucking industry. While earning Daimler Trucks North America’s trust. Getting physical access to the prototype truck. Which was also necessary to start building the truck in a virtual world.

The new truck is coming to for the community of truck enthusiasts. Or at least those familiar with an upcoming and still under wraps truck from Western Star. Currently named and promoted as The NEXT Western Star.

The Next Western Star – UPDATE

This is also a first for SCS Software. Since they are working this closely with a leading American truck manufacturer. And they are synchronizing the release of a brand new truck. The vehicle is built to thrive in the most rugged of environments. With their heritage of toughness and built to take on anything. Also the most tested, durable, and toughest Western Star truck to date.

So very shortly after The Next new truck releases. It also arrives in American Truck Simulator too.

American Truck Simulator Colorado Map Expansion:

The Next Western Star truck will go well within the Colorado map. There is gold in them thar hills! From unique junctions to famous truck stops. Colorado will feature unique road layouts and landmarks. All familiar to truckers who drive in the area frequently. One such example is the Mousetrap, the nickname given to an interchange. Located near the city of Denver and built in the 1950’s. So needless to say, the road network in the Colorado DLC is an accurate re-creation. You can read even more about the new map here.

The Next Western Star truck full reveal for American Truck Simulator is coming September 29th. Due to arrive in Linux gaming as well as Mac and Windows PC. Stay tuned for further details.

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