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Nidhogg coming to Mac and Linux and 'probably' consoles too

Nidhogg, the long-in-development fencing game that won the IGF Nuovo award in 2011, will likely be #released on a #console in the future, according to its creators.

Nidhogg boasts ‘dynamic’ music written by the California-based producer Daedelus

A spokesperson for Los Angeles studio Messhof said the game’s two-person development team would be working on Mac and Linux versions “and probably a console” edition. It was not specified which system the studio is targeting – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are each trying to lure indie developers to their platforms with streamlined publishing deals and prominent digital shelf space.

The idiosyncratic 2D sword-fighting game has been in development for more than three years, and has generated a cult following ever since its first public demonstrations in 2010. It launches on Steam for PC on Monday January 13, priced at $15 for US customers (a 20 per cent day-one discount knocks the RRP down to $12).

In terms of its elemental gameplay rules, Nidhogg is not too dissimilar from rugby; two players are placed in the middle of a long corridor and each must reach the end of their opponents’ side whilst preventing the other from progressing. Ground is gained during sword duels; when one player is killed, they will briefly disappear and leave the path open for the opponent.

The Steam edition supports local and online multiplayer, as well as an offline tournament mode. It comes with full controller support and, though this is a two-player fighting game at heart, it also offers an arcade mode with AI opponents.

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