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Nidhogg: The Clan of the Dragon DLC releases

nidhogg the clan of the dragon dlc releases for northgard on linux mac windows

Nidhogg: The Clan of the Dragon DLC release for the viking strategy Northgard on Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Shiro Games who are unleashing more content for the game. So players can now get their hands on the new clan via Steam.

While other Vikings focus on pillage and plundering in their raids. The Clan of the Dragon is also the last to follow the long-forsaken traditions of slavery and sacrifice to further its goals.
At first, players will be able to purchase Thralls in the Clan’s Longship Dock. While getting almost the same benefits available from regular Villagers. Bit at a much lower cost. Also the cornerstone of the Clan’s economy, these civilians are able to travel in neutral territory. While acting as cheap warriors for their masters, proving to be a powerful military asset.

The Dragon’s unique Lore Tree illustrates the Clan’s mastery over Thralls. While allowing players to capture wounded neutral or enemy civilians. Them to put them to work in their production buildings.

Northgard Nidhogg – Clan of the Dragon (Windows, Mac, then Linux)

The Clan of the Dragon starts the game with a Sacrificial Pyre allowing players to sacrifice a unit to earn Dragon Essence. This new resource will progressively unlock powerful bonuses for both their economy and army. Dragon Essence can also be put to use at the Dragonkin Altar, the Clan’s only military building. Transforming Villagers into powerful Dragonkins.

While they may sound cute, this ferocious, dual-wielding unit is far from it. Already stronger than regularWarriors, they will gain +50% bonus attack power when fighting alone once the Clan has researched the Frenzy Knowledge. Further details about Nidhogg: The Clan of the Dragon can be found in the latest patch notes.

Northgard released on Steam Early Access back on February 22nd, 2017. Quickly becaming one of the most popular strategy games on the platform, selling over 850,000 copies.

Northgard Nidhogg – Clan of the Dragon the new clan via a piece of DLC is available on Steam for $4.99 / €4.49 / £3.99. Available now on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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