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Night Lights puzzle platformer launches Indiegogo with demo

night lights puzzle platformer launches indiegogo with linux demo

So Night Lights is a 2D #puzzle #platformer that just launched on Indiegogo. Hence this Linux, Mac and Windows PC game is #basedonlights and shadow interactions. Since the key feature is shadow objects, which have a physical form, but players can cut through them with their light.

So basically you are travelling between different locations and solving puzzles. Since things are different at night, while players interact with light sources and shadow objects to solve puzzles.
So explore dark locations, collect crystals to activate various mechanisms and portals. All while using a lightbulb on your head.

Other Night Lights features:

  • Different night places to explore: forests, city rooftops and more strange locations
  • Various mechanisms, powered by crystals
  • System of portals, giving you a little bit of freedom in order of completing the levels
  • Approximately 5 hours of gameplay
  • Keyboard and controller support (it works, we tested the demo)
  • Lightbulb in your head

While the key element of the game is shadow objects, which have a physical form, but disappear in the light. So if a shadow object is big enough (a shadow wall, for example), you can cut it through. Making for some very unique gameplay. Kind of like Limbo but far more interesting.

So due note, a free Demo is available on Itch and GameJolt for Linux, Mac and PC. Since the game is developed in Unity, as is the demo, obviously. The Night Lights demo should work on most Linux distro’s.

Night Lights Indiegogo Demo gameplay:

So Night Lights is available to pledge on Indiegogo. While a pledge goal $20,000 USD has been set, there are already 130 backs and $2,540 USD raised (at the time of writing).


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