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Night of the Blood Moon a challenging roguelike

night of the blood moon a challenging roguelike in linux mac windows games

Night of the Blood Moon is a difficult roguelike in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Where player take on the role of a weaponized nightmare. While beating up the cute creatures from our dreams. And it’s available on Steam with a discount.

Night of the Blood Moon will the player using unique weapons. Demolishing loving manifestations around you as you grow with power. While you conquer many imaginative lands and defeat bosses. Well those who dare challenge your strategy and skill.

Also, Night of the Blood Moon has more than just guns with different attributes. Since all of this content completely changes the way you play the game. So things like how you position yourself. And which enemies pose the most threat. Giving you access to things like hookshots, boomerangs, and spellbooks. While ammo regenerates from killing critters.

Thanks to the efforts of developer Tyler McDermott enemies work on an orthogonal structure. They vary with speed and range on a full spectrum to test your skill. While each level in the game has unique creatures. These also test you in their own unique way.

Bosses in Night of the Blood Moon are more than just bullet sponges. Each boss has mechanics which you can overcome through trial and error, as well as understanding.

Night of the Blood Moon roguelike Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Pets will also give you assistance in your adventure. These pets will give you increased attributes as well as passive support. Pets are dreams consumed by the darkness. Including bats, dogs, nests, and more.
Tyler McDermott plans on adding at least one pet each month of 2019 for Night of the Blood Moon. Getting more creative as time allows.

Eclipse Mode is another game mode with playing. Since this lets you start with nothing, and get stronger until you can’t keep up. And there are currently no limitations in this mode. So you have to buy health, ammo, and unleash a flurry of weapons.
Eclipse Mode is the way Tyler McDermott lets you destroy the game while having fun.

Night of the Blood Moon is challenging, but available with a 10% discount on Steam. Releasing for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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