NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings and a Linux release?

nightstar: rogue wings on early access with a linux release coming with windows games

Since NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings is in develop via husband and wife team Solidmesh. Hence the intense arcade #flight combat game keeps players focused on rapid air #battles. Along with the #games and fast-paced missions. Which is currently available for Windows PC on Early Access. Yet a recent email reply indicates otherwise.

Linux release?

“Developed in UE4 [Unreal Engine 4] and Linux support is a very real possibility in the future.”

Since Solidmesh have issued the above state via email. There is an active thread for Linux support on the Steam Discussions. The more votes the better. And since Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine of choice. So players can expect great things. And while I don’t know if NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings is playable via Wine. The actually is definitely enticing.

So players can switch between a tactical third-person view. Or to an immersive cockpit view. Fight your way to rise up against an evil Artificial Intelligence that rules the galaxy. Since it takes players on a breathtaking journey. With beautifully handcrafted environments, battleships, and enemy fighters.
While taking on the roll of Commander Eastwood on a singleplayer campaign mode. Your skills as a pilot will be put to the test. While you learn secrets about the games sworn enemy. The Absolute Unity through completing missions on all the 3 complete levels. All available in this Early Access version. Triple-A art and effects, complete with state-of-the-art sound design.

Early Access Version for Windows:

  • Singleplayer campaign mode with 3 COMPLETE LEVELS
  • Tactical third person view AND immersive cockpit view
  • Unique target lock system
  • Triple-A art and effects
  • State-of-the-art sound design

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings Full Version (Q3 of 2017):

  • 9 complete levels with unique enemies and bosses
  • Full PlayStation®4 and Xbox One gamepad support
  • Flightstick (HOTAS) support
  • Even more weapons
  • Neat customization options
  • Dynamic open world missions
  • Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Since a Linux build is a solid possibility for NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings. Now is the best time to show that tux love via Steam. Or if you want to buy a copy, check out the Early Access page.

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