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Nightwell Manor a multiplayer escape room horror

nightwell manor a multiplayer escape room horror game coming to linux and windows pc

Nightwell Manor a multiplayer escape room horror game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer FearFX Squared. Which does not have a Steam page, but the game looks excellent.

FearFX Squared are eager to unveil their new co-op escape room horror, Nightwell Manor. The games is currently in development for Windows PC. But reaching out to FearFX via email, they also have plans for Linux support.

…so I can safely say that we will support Linux at or near release, probably before most other platforms. In fact, it’s the only other platform that is a candidate for the beta.

Nightwell Manor is developed in Unreal Engine 4. Which also explains the level of detail in the game. Plus the developer also plans to release dedicated server builds on Linux. This may or may not make it to the coming Beta. Hoping to offer a Linux port for the beta itself. Plus the game looks amazing and offers some impressive multiplayer gaming.

Nightwell Manor Teaser – The Lab

Now Nightwell Manor is a unique offering with a blend of puzzle solving, multiplayer co-op, and survive a killer style horror. All taking place in the context of a mysterious, story driven adventure in the early 1940s. The game locks up to six players together in the eponymous Nightwell Manor. Then forcing them to work together to find a way out. Escape room style puzzles challenge players across the mansion’s vast grounds. Since each solution helps them come closer to finding the mystery behind the manor. As well as the rumours about its unusual owner. Through each of the game’s three acts, players will unlock a new area of the expansive manor. All while adding more playable space and challenge as you progress. Puzzles are randomized with every playthrough. This ensures that every run keeps players on their toes.

Adding a horror inspired twist to the proceedings is the fact that Mr. Nightwell will be hunting you all down during your stay. Players will have to run, hide and stay quiet to avoid the murderous attention of the twisted proprietor. Since he will be stalking the Nightwell Manor corridors. You must be careful not to lean on the minimal sense of security the light of your flashlight might provide. This can also give you away. So be mindful of the risk of booby traps lying in wait in the darkness.

The Gameplay:

As well as uncovering the story behind Nightwell Manor, players will also find themselves taking on the roles of a cast of fascinating characters. Each will have their own motivation for coming to the manor. You and your cohorts will have to choose how to share the tools you start with. Including flashlights, tools that will help you disarm traps, setup barricades to slow down the killer. and so on.
Additional tools can be found as you explore the manor. This also increases your odds of surviving your life-threatening stay and solving those tricky escape rooms under the roof of the watchful Mr. Nightwell.

The multiplayer focus of Nightwell Manor makes community feedback particularly important. The team at FearFX are interested in player feedback, should you consider joining the Nightwell Manor Discord server. This is where the team will be sharing info about the game’s development as it progresses. They will also be responding to player feedback on how to make the best version of Nightwell Manor possible.

The Nightwell Manor a multiplayer escape room horror is expecting a beta in December/early January. Which will run for an undisclosed amount of time. But you can check out further details on the games official website.

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