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Nikki and the Robots 0.4 Alpha

Nikki and the Robots 0.4 got released and you can view a video showing the changes at Vimeo or YouTube:

We released Nikki and the Robots 0.4.0 ( actually), which you can download here or via in-game updater.

The new features are:

– New robot: Canon! It shoots canon balls that disappear after 10 seconds
– Players can download and upload levels in the main/editor menus
– Author name and license agreement added for saving/uploading levels
– Sounds added for menu, jumping, buttons and batteries
– Last level switch to be pressed now blinks green
– Added “transient” switches (won’t stay pressed)

Some news not directly related to the release:

– There now is a Joyride Labs Reddit, a discussion forum with a social web touch
– The compile instructions on our wiki have been updated, let us know if you run into trouble!

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