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Nikki and the Robots 0.5 News and Story Mode Peeks

Here is the new Nikki and the Robots 0.5 Beta(!) release (download here).


We’re working on a preorder web page, which is open source under AGPL and hosted here.

The changes explained in the video (and some that were left out) are as follows:

– Info terminals instead of text bubbles in tutorial
– Falling tiles take a little longer to start falling
– Batteries have a little less mass
– Switches are easier to trigger
– Added laser robots and laser end pieces
– Cannon-robot sounds
– Boost sound for jetpack robot

GUI/OSD and Controls:
– Added keyshints in game mode
– Allow configurable game keys (jump and context) to control the menu
– Main menu will notify you about the availability of the story mode
– Mac OS X: default jump key is space
– In-game OSD shows total number of batteries in level
– “…”-bubbles when nikki can start npc/computer monolog
– Added “retry level” menu item to failure menu
– Added retry-option to pause menu

Level editor:
– Added gray level template
– Better layer insert and delete control

– Game art sources added to source code repository
– Bugfixes on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that prevented many users from running the game