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Nimbatus action simulation new racing update

nimbatus action simulation update and discount in linux mac windows games

Nimbatus action simulation has a new racing update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to the development work of Stray Fawn Studio. Who also released a new update of their constructor sim on Steam.

Nimbatus is an action simulation game. This also puts you in the shoes of a space drone engineer. The core of this update is a new drone racing feature. Since allows players to let their self ruling drones compete.

The update also features time based racing. Since this enables players to compare speed. Facing off on a global leader board. Also including a new hardcore mode. This is called “Catch”. Requiring better drone creation skills to master it.

Along with new modes are more new drone parts. Now available to design even crazier units than before.
Additionally, many changes by the Nimbatus community. Which also make their way into the game with this update.

Nimbatus Racing Update (Linux, Mac and Windows)

The new drone parts include an Afterburner. Also a VTOL Thruster and the Proximity Sensor. Check out the complete patch notes showing the new features. As well as new changes in the forums. Patch notes & Video of new features


  • Create your own drones out of countless parts and based on real physics.
  • Explore a procedurally generated galaxy in Nimbatus. Including planets you can fully destroy.
  • Control your drones on various missions on different planets.
  • Build autonomous drones using sensor and logic parts and let them fight against other players’ creations in the arena.
  • Collect a variety of resources and use them to craft powerful weapons.

Nimbatus was released on Steam Early Access in October 2018. The games also available for Linux, Mac and Windows. While the new racing update intends to keep fans involved. Both for your own creations and racing fans alike.

So, in order to celebrate the occasion. Nimbatus is 20% off on Steam up until March 12th.

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