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Nimbatus Closed Alpha and win a Steam key

nimbatus closed alpha and win a steam key for linux mac windows games

Nimbatus is back in the mix with a chance to win Steam key for the Closed Alpha. Since it’s been a while since we heard from developer Stray Fawn Studio. They have been busy working on Nimbatus development.

So last week, the studio launched the Closed Alpha version for Kickstarter backers. Adding in lots of stuff in the past months. Such as a weapon tech-tree, a new way to collect resources and lots of new planets, enemies and missions.

Closed Alpha and Win a Steam key:

 Stray Fawn Studio are running a give away, were lucky people can win an Alpha key. Or
Join the GIF competition, post your coolest drone and win an Alpha key.

Closed Alpha will support Linux:

“Yes it has Linux support. The early access release will also support Linux.”

So if you want to join the Closed Alpha, those are two ways to do so. Also due note, the Demo is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Nimbatus Gameplay intro (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Key Features:

  • Create your own drones with physics
  • Countless drone parts
  • Sensor and Logic parts to build fully autonomous drones
  • Thousands of different weapon combinations
  • Procedurally generated universe
  • Fully destructible environment

Inspired by:

  • Faster Than Light
  • Reassembly
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Besiege

Nimbatus is a procedurally generated action simulation game for Linux, Mac and Windows. While players craft freely customizable drones and explore an endless universe.

Also, these drones interact with the destructible environment in a physically correct manner. And while on your journey you will find hundreds of different drone components. And you can research groundbreaking new technology. So the Demo above is worth exploring. Even if you decide against the competition. Or you find a need to explore gameplay and come up with a unique GIF.

Stray Fawn Studio plans to release Nimbatus on Steam Early Access later in 2018. The currently estimated release date is September 2018, but it might be a bit longer.

If you haven’t done so yet, add Nimbatus to your Steam wishlist. Show that Tux Love.

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