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Nimbatus – Drone Creator releases Free on Steam

nimbatus - drone creator releases free on steam for linux mac windows pc

Nimbatus – Drone Creator releases Free on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Stray Fawn Studio. Which is available to try out on Steam, for Free.

The Nimbatus – Drone Creator releaes for the highly anticipated indie action sim. Which is now releasing free as a standalone game via its own Steam Store page. This also comes ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the full game. Currently over 140,000 wishlists on Steam. Due to launch on May 14th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Nimbatus – Drone Creator Launch Trailer

Nimbatus – Drone Creator lets players get a taste of the game. While letting you use the drone editor of the main game. Since players can craft drones out of hundreds of different parts. Including tools and weapons that physically interact with each other. And then also try them out on the testing grounds.


  • Over 75 physically simulated parts to construct your drones
  • Procedural weapon system and tech tree in Nimbatus – Drone Creator
  • Autonomous drone programming using logic and sensor parts
  • 8 Tutorials to learn the basics of drone engineering

In the full version of Nimbatus, players must craft drones. While using numerous physically interacting parts to survive. Since you face a constant challenge in the destructible galaxy. Either in an anything goes sandbox. Or simply in the story based survival mode. The Nimbatus – Drone Creator lets you build and test you creations. Seeing drones can also be programmed to fight other player’s creations. Doing so in competitive modes such as sumo and catch.

Nimbatus – Drone Creator comes Free on Steam. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While the full release of the game is due to arrive on May 14th. Sadly the base game is not on sale right now. But if you don’t own it yet, it’s priced at $19.99 USD. Available on both Humble Store and Steam.

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