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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Season One tests Proton

nina aquila: legal eagle season one testing proton for the games debut on linux and windows pc

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Season One testing Proton for the games debut on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Tanuki-sama Studios. After making its big release onto Steam with Chapter I.

Tanuki-sama Studios announces the indie courtroom drama adventure game Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle. Since Season One is due to support Valve’s upcoming SteamDeck platform. Ghe studio is discussing the hardware setups on developer channels. All while having Linux users from the Linux_gaming subreddit test the game. With hopes of testing the final hardware closer to launch.

Back on July 12th, I reached out regarding Linux support for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle.

The game is developed in RPG Maker MV, which means a Linux version is possible. However, I don’t have a Linux box and therefore can’t test it.

So this explains the recent subreddit post asking Linux players to test the game. Offering Tanuki-sama the idea to gain community feedback.
Mind you, this post also has a strong focus on Proton. Despite the games engine offering native Linux support. The reddit post states hopes that the game “just runs” using Proton for the SteamDeck. While giving the developer a chance to decide if a native Linux SteamOS port is possible.

This new release puts together and improves all existing chapters. Which is now a popular ongoing indie graphic adventure visual novel hybrid. Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a courtroom drama game. One that also takes place in a world where all anime genres exist at once.

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One for Steam

This collection includes ~10 hours of content. Letting players play the role of Nina Aquila, a rookie defense attorney. While she takes on clients accused of capital crimes in three faceted gameplay. Players will INVESTIGATE crimes. Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle will examine crime scenes and speak to witnesses. Then PARTICIPATE in duties related to their case. Such as illegal street racing.
Finally, stepping into the court room to DEFEND her clients. Doing so in the manner of a true court room drama visual novel.

Features of each Chapter:

  • In Chapter 1, players defend a cosplayer accused of arson. Due to her cosplaying as a fire mage
  • For Chapter 2, players defend a client accused of murdering the world champion at Dragon Fantasy Arena. This is a card game similar in concept to Yu-Gi-Oh. Which takes place on the eve of the national contest
  • Then in Chapter 3, players defend three street racers. They are accused of causing the death of a fourth. Which is a homage to the classic mountain road racing anime Initial D

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle also appears on services such as Newgrounds and Doing so in an episodic format, starting in winter 2018. Since then, the releases have gained praise, with Chapter I receiving “Best of November 2020” on Newgrounds. Also, a 5-star review score on from over 200 user reviews.

This new collection release is greatly enhanced over the original releases. Upgrades include a wide variety of audio visual and feature changes. Plus new character art, more & higher quality voice samples. A rework of the video cut scenes, Steam Achievements, and an explorer mode., and much more. This is the complete Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle gameplay. Offering up a unique style for both existing and new fans alike.

Now includes, veteran anime and gaming voice actor, Rachael Messer. Known for her work in Azur Lane, Goblin Slayer, and Forgotten Anne. Who offers the voice of Nina Aquila.

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One retails for $8.99 USD, along with a free demo. You can check out the game on Steam, which currently offers Windows PC builds. While Linux and Steam OS support are still in question.