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Ninja Issen Hardcore Mode is available now

ninja issen hardcore mode comes to the action platformer game on linux via proton with windows pc

Ninja Issen Hardcore Mode comes to the action platformer game on Linux via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to the deeply creative minds behind developer ASTEROID-J. Available now on Steam and still holding a steady 96% Positive views.

Let’s talk about developer ASTEROID-J, who just announced a major update for Ninja Issen with Hardcore Mode. This is also something worth sharing with the community.

First off, let’s dive into the new Hardcore mode for Ninja Issen. This is huge for those of us who like a solid challenge. After you play through once, you unlock this mode. It’s all about skill and speed. There are no in-game events or dialogues to slow you down, which is perfect for Linux players who want to focus on perfecting their runs.

Here’s the catch – the enemies hit harder, and if you die once, that’s it. In Hardcore mode, you start with just one life and a timer, and you’ve got to make it from Chapter 1 to Ninja Issen Chapter 9. Your score depends on how quickly you clear the levels, your combo count, and how many lives you have left.

For those aiming for higher scores, you can even choose where to start within the chapters. This means you can push the pace even more. But remember, the pause menu’s retry function is disabled. It’s all about nailing that perfect run in one go.

Ninja Issen Official Launch Trailer

Besides the Hardcore mode, Ninja Issen is also improving its tutorials. This is great for new players or anyone looking to brush up on their skills. The start of each chapter will now have control tutorials, and you’ll get handy tips every time you face defeat. Plus, there are some bug fixes and quality of life upgrades, which are always welcome.

Now, let’s talk about the title itself. The Ninja Issen stands out as a hyper ninja action platformer that tests you with Hardcore mode. You’re Kiba, a ninja on the run, and your job is to take out waves of enemies and tough bosses using your ninja skills. The gameplay is fast, precise, and very satisfying, even on Proton.

The title has a cyberpunk future city vibe with retro graphics, which adds to its charm. Is it good? Even before the Hardcore mode update, Ninja Issen was named the “Best Indie Game” at the 2022 Made with Unity Korea awards. It’s been getting a lot of attention at game conventions around the world, and even before its release. It was also second on the list of Popular Upcoming title and first in action platformer titles on Steam.

A Discount is on the way:

Another exciting bit of news is the Steam Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest. From January 22nd to the 29th, the title will be available at a 30% discount on Steam. It’s a great opportunity for more people to try out this awesome title.

Even before Hardcore mode, Ninja Issen is a title that’s really made a mark. With its engaging gameplay, challenging new mode, and the upcoming Steam event, there’s a lot for Linux players to be excited about. Even if it is only a Windows PC build. Whether you’re new to the title or a seasoned player, these updates are something to test you. Priced at $14.99 USD / £12.79 / 13,50€.

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