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No More Waiting For Adverts in Online Games

A view of the flash games industry and its monetization scheme.

In the last few years, more and more adverts have been embedded into online flash games without mentioning sponsor logos or developer credits. Players have had no choice but to wait for half of or for all of the animated advert to be shown. The average waiting time to get to the game’s menu is now about thirty seconds when it used to be five. That is a substantial difference so why do accept it?

As a casual player myself, I don’t want to be waiting for pre-game ads when browsing between different games. I want a game to load fast so that I can establish if I like it and if I want to play it for any longer. Surely, forcing players to wait to play will eventually push them away and discourage them to even think about playing a browser based game. Flash games used to be a quick source of casual entertainment, an easy option for a short break from working, but these days online games are being manipulated by advertisers and advertising companies. Game developers are being told to insert ads before their games loads in exchange for an unfair minusculerevenue. Their earnings per one thousand impressions is jokingly pathetic, quite frankly it doesn’t pay them the time to put the ads in. The flash games industry is heading in the wrong direction. If adverts have to be inside flash games they should be on the main menu or at the end of a level, somewhere where they don’t halt the game and waste your time.

Fortunately, there is a new games portal that never makes its visitors wait to play games. offers visitors instant access to great games without pre-games ads and you don’t even have to wait for the page to reload because every search and every game you click loads instantly on the page. You can search for games as you type, just type the first few letters of a game’s name or a genre and it will appear in a blink of an eye. Its slogan “Don’t Wait To Play” should be the attitude of every flash game website.

Visit to check it out for yourself.

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